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Maritime Systems

Insurance softwares

Since 1998, Maritime Systems has developed software, databases and extranets for brokers, companies, agents and other insurance professionals.


Maritime Systems is a human-sized company, close to its customers. This availability makes us be efficient and flexible to product simple or complex projects. Maritime Systems assists you in your project of installation of an IT solution to manage your activity.


Maritime Systems works in close collaboration with its customers.
By taking into account your resources and your constraints, our team helps you analyze your needs.
None of our current solutions correspond to your criteria?
We develop with you a specific software.


Maritime Systems assists you to settle its solutions and in the configuration.
You use a product defined according to your criteria, your constraints.

Resumption of the data

Maritime Systems is one of the rare companies which propose to recover your data and migrate them to the database used by our software.
You keep your history, your customer relationship is protected, the follow-up of your activities is guaranteed, and the change of system can be made without waste of time dedicated to re-inputs.

Secure data

All the security measures are taken to reach the applications and the remote servers.
Maritime Systems assists you in the choice and the modalities of your backups.
For the full-Web solutions, all the data are stored into a data center which is duplicated. You have a continuous access to the service remotely (application and data), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We propose you a maintenance contract which includes assistance, support, corrections and improving updates.
We agree about the most convenient moment to make the updates, without any intervention from you.


Maritime Systems proposes training courses in our office or in yours.
A complete documentation about the use of each solution is also supplied.


Marsys is a software package designed to all the actors of the maritime and transport branch insurance: brokers, agents subscribers, companies or agents of companies. It is the result of a detailed analysis of the information system of several maritime and transport insurers covering all the activities of this branch.

This analysis allowed to define a logical model of the data as well as the organizational model of the representative treatments and, throughout the updates, new features answering the evolutions of the business or of the computer systems.

Marsys, a complete and scalable solution


Management of profiles user with secured access by reinforced password.

Global and detailed management of third parties: unique base with definition of a status to facilitate treatments and statistical exports. Simplified CRM application.

Definition of all commission and brokerage rates in a specific unit and on several levels. If need be, you will define the brokerages which you pay or those you receive.


Input, edition and consultation of policies and endorsements, including co-insurance, reinsurance, various guarantees and particular conditions.
Design of the EPI and the turnovers of the customer, the annual premiums.

Marsys and its tools manage all types of policy of the marine and transports branch insurance: temporary, open policy, floating policy (in subscription), based on the turnover or not. It allows to manage the extensions of the police such as storage places and transport fleets: trucks / cars.

Design of reminders to facilitate the follow-up of files with type of reminder, detail and alerts to the concerned partners.

Orders and premiums

Input and management of the insurance orders and the premiums.
Management of ordinary risks and war risks.
Possibility of importing insurance orders, from the Extranet or from an Excel file.
Invoicing of orders and automatic edition of receipts.
Management of the retroceded brokerages.
Management of outstanding payments.
Calculation of the Profit Commission.


Inputting of received and emitted payments, link with premiums end claims.
Export towards your accounting software, current accounts reporting.
Bank transfers and cheque-letters printings.

Claims and recoveries

Inputting of claim files, recoveries and dispatches. Calculation automatic of the agent fees.
EDM integrated for a management dematerialized of files. History of the outstandings.
Excel export of claim list with a lot of criteria.
Many documents available with templates which can be printed or sent by e-mail.
Inputting of complaints relative to the claims
Integrated reminder to facilitate the follow-up of claim with alerts to the dedicated collaborators.


Portfolios in PDF or Excel formats with many filters and options.
Word Mail Merge on big volum of data : reminder of unpayed premuims, requests to ask the client turnovers,…
Mailings and e-mailings.


Global and detailed statistical alive: by police, insured, broker, insurance company, risk etc.
You can see UW by UW the loss ratio between claims and premiums (including or not outstandings, recoveries, profit commissions, brokerages, fees,…)


Accounting reports, triangular reports, reports according to Lloyd’s models,… more than twenty models
Steering tools: extraction of the instructed polices, the schedule, follow up customers...

Zooming on...


Management dematerialized of documents
A third-party EDM software is useless : Marsys stores all documents connected with contracts, claims and third accounts, in any format (mails, e-mails, spreadsheets, PDF, photos etc.)

Mailing design

Automatic output of documents via the mailing
Automatic generation of documents (Word mail merge) from a template that you can design and Word and the selected data (a policy, a claim, premium,…).
The document generated can by printed, directly sent by email and can be electrically archived in our integrated EDM tool.

The EDI Management EDI - Integration of files

Marsys manages the Exchanges of Computing Data (EDI) with your intermediaries avoiding you any double inputting.
This module integrated into Marsys allows to import the information from your agents or brokers as premiums claims and the outstandings.
We have the experience of the interfacing of data and know how to import the files of more than 25 brokers and agents or companies according to their own format.
This module is especially useful for insurance companies. We can also by this way integrate Optiflux® files.
Marsys also generate EDI files for the companies with whom you place your risks.

Accounting transfer

This module integrated into Marsys allows to transfer the issued or collected data of the month towards your accounting software (Sage software,…) according to your chart of accounts.
Maritime Systems defines with you the necessary format, configures Marsys to generate the file and helps you to configure your accounting software for the file import.


Automatic treatment of EDI files under Optiflux® format if you are a broker, a leading agent or a company.

Optiflux® is an exchange procedure between the brokers and the insurers of the French market of the Maritime and Transports Insurance branch. For more information, consult the sites of the CESAM and Optiflux®.

Completely compatible with Optiflux®, our softwares allow to exchange your data (policies, premiums, outstandings, dispaches, financial accounts) under Optiflux® format with Cesam servers.
Maritime Systems developed an independent module called Optisys which can be implanted into your system, without having to change your software.


Secured website with its own database, available from any computer connected to Internet.
These applications are intended for your partners: insureds and brokers but can also be used by your staff in travel.
A permitted user can entry orders of insurance on specific polices using a price list defined by you and print a certificate. He can also consult his files of claims and declare a new claim.
Other features could be added on the extranet if needed. The management of documents allows to send items (photos, contracts, etc.) which will be directly integrated into Marsys.

Full house web version

Marsys also exists in a full-web version, available with a simple Internet browser.
In this major update, we integrate the management of property and casualty risks that were previously managed in a different software.

Our other solutions

Solutions of reinsurance

One of our solutions allows the management of both proportional reinsurance and in Excess of Loss.
In that domain, Maritime Systems has also developed since 2013 its new client applications in a full-web environment.

Insurances IARD

Maritime Systems has more than a ten-year experience in management of Property and Casualty risks and provided its software to different insurance companies.
Quite recently, the set of the features of this software was postponed in the new Full-web software package Marsys@Web dedicated above all to the Maritime and Transports risks.

Claims management

Maritime Systems proposes IT solutions to his partner Intrust (a division of Cunningham Lindsey) which manages claims on behalf of insurance companies or mass-market retailers.
These solutions in a full-web environment allow a dematerialized management of the claims and permit to get numerous statistics.
This system can be coupled with an independent extranet supplied by Maritime Systems, accessible to the Insurer or to the sale offices of the mass-market retailers.

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